About the Author: Rabina Khan

Rabina Khan self published her novel first “Rainbow Hands” which based on her experiences as a community worker in East London's Isle of Dogs, during a time when a racist right wing candidate was elected as a councilor in September 2003. The novel was published through ‘Authorsonline' and was available to order through the internet and local bookstores in London.

The novel received wide publicity in various local and national newspapers as well as magazines such as Asiana, Morning Star, Tower Hamlets Recorder, Authortrek and many others.

It became especially popular in Eastside Bookshop and after two months of selling the novel, it was brought to the attention of Laura Longrigg from MBA Literary Agents. This short novel formed the basis for a more extensive and robust novel called ‘Ayesha's Rainbow' which attracted the attention of UK publisher Fore-word Press Ltd. Who are publishing the paperback edition in the autumn of 2005. Find a literary agent

Rabina was awarded a place on the Royal Literary Fund Mentoring Scheme (run by Jill Dawson author of Wild Boy) and asked to take part in the “Spitafields Women's Literary Festival” 2004 & 2005 along with Claire Morral, Yasmin Albhai Brown. She was awarded a Tower Hamlets Civic Award and met with Ken Livingstone the Mayor of London. She is now regarded as one of Britain's Leading South Asian Women.

Guardian features writer Simon Hattenstone (co-author of the critically acclaimed novel “Steve & Me” – Time Warner) will be the first to review Ayesha's Rainbow and various national newspapers are being approached about the serialization rights.

Rabina Khan has worked for the last fourteen years as a Community Regeneration worker in Tower Hamlets in London's East End. She has worked for Tower Hamlets Council in the social and education sectors and for government regeneration initiatives such as Bethnal Green City Challenge managing a variety of education and empowerment projects for women and young girls from ethnic minority communities. These included the Women's Life Guard and Youth Work Training Programs. Rabina has also been involved in various community initiatives in Tower Hamlets, such as “Women Unite Against Racism”, FGM Awareness and Healthy Eating.

Rabina Khan currently works as a freelance community and empowerment worker on the ‘Ocean Math's Project' which is part of the government's new deal program on the Ocean estate in Tower Hamlets. She delivers racial awareness workshops in schools, community centres and has also taken part in readings, discussions and workshops dealing with her self published novel Rainbow Hands including the “Spit-Lit” Literary Festival organized by Alternative Arts and “Bangladeshi Women Writers” organized by Mohila Parishad.

Rabina Khan is also currently researching her new novel “Nari: A Story of a Woman” which is being supported by the Arts Council in London and of which publishers Fore-Word Press have taken a publication option.



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