Newly formed UK independent Publishing House 'Fore-Word Press Ltd' has acquired the worldwide rights for a long awaited spin off from the teachings of contemporary poetic masters - Gil Scott Heron and The Last Poets Mark T. Watson's debut collection of poetry entitled "Ordinary Guy" charts the life of an extraordinary young man in search of truth, who by twist of fate, has the good fortune to not only meet these revolutionary poets, but to befriend them, work with them and study his art under their very tuition. This remarkable collection spans a period of 10 years and takes the reader on an epic journey around the world, seeking always to unravel the mysteries of life, nature and the schemes and plots that often ensnare the unsuspecting masses, through a combination of moving poetry and explanatory prose.
The book includes "Malik's Mode" a foreword (written in rhyme) from Jalal of the legendary "Last Poets."


Fore-Word from "Jalal" of The Last Poets.
"Malik's Mode." Taken from the book "Ordinary Guy"

A change from Mark to Malik was simply unique for a Liverpool youth. The truth in the face of stiff-upper-lip resistance. For this knowledge had been academically forbidden, obscured and hidden, at least up until that point in his existence.

His need to know, had begun to grow from the time that he was a child, to counter their racist obsession with perpetual oppression, that had him categorised as “wild”.

From out of juvenile school, in Liverpool, he has fought his way to freedom. Just because of the colour of his skin, they locked him in, then held him down and beat him.

For this was commonplace, when it came to race and a tradition etched in stone. From a racist society, filled with a variety of traps to catch you alone.

Like myself, he was a victim of his past that was meant to last, until the end of time. That is unless you can free your mind and save your behind from a life of corruption and crime.

He sought me out, to dispel any doubt he had about the creator of the heavens and Earth. For he was searching for the One, whose will was being done and only he knew its worth.

For the “One” is sublime and the fashioner of time, who ordains what it is to be. All Mark had to do was seek, in order to become Malik, ‘cause the truth will set you free.

He asked me a few questions and I answered with suggestions, that guided him on the way. For he was to be among those who believed, after having received the message without delay.

Since then he advanced after taking a stance, against those who had deceived him. And although he didn't know it, he too would become a poet, as well as an enlightened Muslim.

But that was Allah's plan, against which no one can stand, even if they insisted. Pharaoh was but one example and just a sample for all those who resisted.

Today brother Malik is a master at calling people to Allah and perpetuating the “ Deen”. And these poems in his book, are an early look, before he found Allah the ‘One' the ‘Supreme'.

Al Hemdu Lilahi Rabil Alamin -

(All praise is for Allah the Lord of all creation.)



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