Ordinary Guy

The Book

This collection of poetry and explanatory prose spans a 10 year period when Mark was touring
with Gil Scott Heron and travelling the world as a seamen in between tours “and is a tribute to Gil Scott
Heron and the Last Poets for their selfless pursuit of truth and their unwavering stance for justice in the
face of adversity but moreover, for their compassion and spiritual guidance for someone like Mark, who
was after all, just an ‘Ordinary Guy’”. (Press Release)

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The Reviews

Publisher's Review Newly formed UK based independent Publishing House 'Fore-Word Press Ltd' has published this long awaited spin off from the teachings of contemporary poetic masters - Gil Scott Heron and The Last Poet's.

Mark T. Watson's debut collection of poetry entitled "Ordinary Guy" charts the life of an extraordinary young man in search of truth, who by twist of fate, has the good fortune to not only meet these revolutionary poets, but to befriend them, work with them and study his art under their very tuition. This remarkable collection spans a period of 10 years and takes the reader on an epic journey around the world, seeking always to unravel the mysteries of life, nature and the schemes and plots that often ensnare the unsuspecting masses, through a combination of moving poetry and explanatory prose. ( more reviews )

The Author

Mark T Watson was born in Liverpool UK in the mid sixties to mixed parents. His mother a Welsh woman raised him after the tragic paralysis of his Guyanese father when he was just a boy.

Mark has been a dish washer, a toilet cleaner, a milkman, a labourer, a potato bagger, a salesman, a merchant seaman, an advertising manager, a marketing co-ordinator, a tour manager, a roadie, a sales and marketing manager, a researcher, a research project manager, a business advisor, the director of Merseyside Refugee Support Network, a director of Hornby Housing, a director of a housing CO-OP, an author and a publisher. He holds a BA Hons. in Geography & Sociology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Social Research and is an Associate of The Institute of Business Advisors. ( More about the author )

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Title: Ordinary Guy".

Description: Spoken Word Poetry & Explanatory Prose. A tribute to Gil Scott Heron & The Last Poets.

Author: Mark T. Watson With a fore-word from Jalal of The Last Poets.

Retail Price: £8.99 UK, € 12.99 EU, $16.99 US, 59 AED Dubai

ISBN : 0-9548867-0-4

Published By : Fore-Word Press Ltd.

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Binding / Format: Paperback - perfect bound / 64 pp. Royal format 156mm x 234mm.

Category / Language: Works by individual poets / English.

Series : Fore-Word Press: Poetry Series Vol 1.

Rights held: Worldwide.


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